Three-phase rectifiers

Adjustible voltage

Rectifiers are designed to charge and maintain batteries and DC load power supply

TYPE   3FSMR 20–400
INPUT input voltage 3x400/230 VAC  +10% / -15%
frequency 47–53 Hz
Pn power factor 0,95
radio interference filter YES
OUTPUT rated voltage 0–20 VDC
rated current 0–400A
voltage ripple <1% Un
voltage stability <1% Un
Pn efficiency 90%

Three-phase switching rectifiers type 3FSMR are modern design adapters that use the latest technological advances of semiconductor components (IGBT) and magnetic components (low loss ferrite core).

Main features:

  • output voltage high stability
  • very low output voltage ripple
  • high efficiency level
  • very good input cos φ
  • low noise


  • too low and too high input voltage
  • too high output voltage
  • too high output current-current limitation
  • overvoltage from the grid–varistors


  • functioning
  • LCD V-meter and A-meter
  • collective fault signal with voltage-free contact


  • environment working temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • dimension: 442 x 265 x 405 mm
  • forced cooling