Bidirectional AC/DC and DC/AC converter
type BSXT 304

  • Two operation mode: rectifier and inverter
  • Rectifier
  • input: 400/230 V, 3/N/PE
  • output: 500-780VDC
  • output power: 3kW
  • Inverter
  • input: 500-800VDC
  • output: 400/230 V, 3/N/PE
  • output power: 3 kVA (max. 1KVA po fazi)
DXS 48-03B

DXS 48-03B

  • 24VDC or 230VAC power supply
  • input: 230 VAC or 48VDC
  • output: 24VDC or 230VAC
  • rated power: 0.3kVA
  • inverter (48VDC/230VAC), rectifier(230VAC/24VDC) and DC/DC converter(48VDC/24VDC) in one device
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Single-phase inverters type DXN

  • conversion of DC battery voltage into AC 230VAC, 50Hz
  • input voltage: 24VDC, 48VDC, 110VDC, 220VDC
  • output voltage: 230 VAC
regulacijski ispravljač

Single-phase regulating rectifier
type SMC 300-15-R

  • battery charge and DC voltage power supply
  • input voltage: 230 VAC
  • output voltage: 10 - 290 VDC
  • output power: 3750 W max
  • output current: 1,2 - 15 A
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Solar UPS

  • combined hybrid solar inverter
  • load power supply from several power sources: PV modules, battery and utility
  • can work without batteries, loads are powered from solar panels, if there is not enough energy produced, shortage is supplemented from the grid
  • built-in MPPT battery charger, pure sine wave output voltage,microprocessor charge control, LCD display

Battery monitoring unit -BNU

  • rectifier monitoring
  • limits battery charge current
  • regulates battery voltage depending on the temperature (temperature compensation)
  • deep discharge battery protection
  • suitable for mounting on the cabinet door
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DC supply system SUNA

  • DC power supply system, consists of max 4 rectifier modules type SMC 320 and battery monitoring unit BNU
  • SMC320 :
    • input voltage: 190-260 VAC
    • max. output current: 6A
    • max. output power: 320 W
  • Ethernet communication option
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Mountable rectifier type SMC 24-20

  • charging and maintenance of rechargeable batteries and loads DC power supply
  • input: 195 - 255 VAC
  • output: 27.3 VDC
  • max. output current: 20 A
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Test equipment

  • testing devices and automatic protection components

DC/DC converters

  • adjusting source DC voltage to the load DC voltage
solarni sustavi
  • solar inverters for off-grid power systems
  • MPPT battery charge regulators
  • solar batteries
  • PV modules, solar panels
  • solar UPS