Single-phase rectifiers

With voltage regulation

Rectifiers are designed for service charge and maintenance of batteries and supply of special appliances

TYPE   SMR 220–10–R SMR 2–30/20–R SMR 3–100 SMC 300-15-R
INPUT input voltage 190-260 VAC
freqency 47-53 Hz
power factor at Pn 0,99
current waveform sine
input current distortion <5%
radio interference filter YES
OUTPUT output voltage 40V–260V 2V–30V 1V–3V 10V-290V
rated output current 10A 20A 100A 1,2A-15A
max. power 2400W 600W 300W 3750 W
voltage ripple <1% Un
voltage stability <1% Un
radio interference filter YES

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Output voltage range: 10V to 290V, output current 1,2A to 15A, Pmax 3750W.

LCD display and keypad built-in for easy parameters setting.


  • excessive output current-current limitation
  • overvoltage from the grid–varistors


  • proper functioning
  • digital LCD V-meter and A-meter


  • environment working temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • dimension:
    • 442x132x380 mm SMR 220V–10A–R
    • 265x105x190 mm SMR 2–30V/20A–R
    • 265x105x190 mm SMR 3V–100A–R
  • all connectors at front