Single-phase rectifiers – PFC (Power Factor Correction)

For charging and maintenance of batteries and DC load power supply.


TYPE   SMR 220–10 SMR 110–20 SMR 48–15 SMR 24–55
INPUT input voltage 190–260 VAC
frequency 47–53 Hz
power factor at Pn 0,99
input current waveform sine
input current distortion <5%
radio interference filter YES
OUTPUT output voltage 220V 110V 48V 24V
rated output current 10A 20A 715A 55A
max. power 2400W 750W 1500W
voltage ripple <1%Un
voltage stability <1%Un
IPU curve charging constant current
radio interference filter YES
smr22010 smr11020 smr4815 smr2455

Main features of these rectifiers are:

  • PFC
  • cos Φ=0.99
  • THD <5%
  • high stability of output voltage
  • high efficiency level 0.93–0.95 at Pn
  • low weight
  • very low noise


  • too low and too high input voltage
  • excessive output voltage
  • excessive output current
  • current limitation
  • overvoltage from the grid–varistors


  • proper functioning
  • correct voltage supply
  • too high output voltage
  • digital LCD V-meter and A-meter

Remote signalization:

  • using opto-coupler adapted to communicate with microprocessor supervisory unit BNU
  • Remote signalization signals:

    • proper functioning
    • correct supply voltage
    • too high output voltage
    • temp. compensation of charging voltage (from BNU)


  • rated conditions efficiency – 95%
  • paralel functioning of several rectifiers
  • environment working temperature 0°C to 40°C
  • MOSFET softswitching technology
  • 19” case
  • dimension: 442 x 132 x 380 mm
  • all connectors on front panel